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The better the content, the more the traffic = Higher leads and conversions. When it comes to our company, we provide full SEO services that predominantly work for 'Better Growth.' Our experts lounge for a better ranking of the keywords, which directly impacts the keywords and leads to better traffic. Although our focus is no doubt sales but more than the numbers, we focus on the 'Quality' and the 'Process' of achieving sales. Our services are clean, which means more growth in authentic and organic ways. Each process of our agency is transparent and open to all.

What Makes Us the Number#1 SEO Agency?

  • Consistency is our biggest USP, as we focus a lot on providing consistent professional SEO services in every project. 
  • We have an unmatched portfolio of clients. Through our high-end serviceswe cater to several clients’ needs and demands across the globe. 
  • When it comes to SEO plans and solutions, we make sure to go deep into the planning stage and brainstorm effective strategies. 
  • Our servicesrevolve around ‘Customization,’ which is the key to giving utmost satisfaction to the clients. 
  • Satisfied customers across the different geographies and areas. 
  • A very competent and professional workforce where each of the SEO experts has the relevant skill-sets. 

At Admonkzwe never compromise on the quality no matter what. Our services are thorough and honest. The entire workforce at Admonkz is highly and passionate and dedicated to providing the best servicesThe team sleeps, drinks, eats, and dreams. Digital marketing and SEO come into play since it is the most widely used digital marketing tool. 


 Our client handling is a little special, which helps us differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We very actively work with all of our associates and partners to provide effective services in the whole of India and overseas as well. With a plethora of testimonials, keywords in the top rankings, leading brands and pouring traffic, numerous certifications, satisfied customers, you can trust us blindly and rely on us for the best SEO services no matter what. 


 Another factor that adds to our feather and helps us differentiate from our competitors is the workforce’s quality. It is the quality of the people who make or break the company’s kind of services. At Admonkz, we are very particular when it comes to building our team. We hire highly driven, motivated, and visionary individuals who have intricate knowledge of their work and have a clear vision, mission, and core values in place. 

Our SEO portfolio:

National & Global

Our services and SEO packages are penguin and panda compliant. Every area has a different way of working. Hence customized SEO services are required to cater to the different needs of national and global SEO. There are varying needs of every nation, and we make sure to fit in the shoes and provide what is best.

Ecommerce SEO

Admonkz is one of the handful of companies in the market, which has expertise in Ecommerce technical SEO. Our SEO company works with technical professionals and web developers and tries to create a link between the different departments.

ORM (Online Reputation Management) SEO

Having a great online reputation is important as it helps add to the overall credibility and goodwill. Our core services do include the job of improving the online reputation of the client in the most influential way possible.

Local SEO

Even the biggest and massive shops on the treat, which have a huge footfall, do require the local customers to keep their store growing. With the help of the optimized local services, we help businesses connect with their local targeted audience and help keep the interaction going.

Enterprise SEO

There are many enterprise-level websites out there, which require assistance from the professional SEO company in building their SEO up. Our experts come up with optimized business strategies that further helps in facilitating enterprise SEO.

Content Marketing

We consider making a website a single and huge platform where people come together and interact with each other. One of the SEO services' cores includes affecting content marketing by making a unified platform for the masses of different sectors.

Google Recovery Services

If you are looking for trusted services from a reputed company that provides effective google recovery services, you know where to land. We provide in-depth penguin recovery and reconsideration request service to our clients.

Guest Posting

Due to our decades of detailed services, we lay a considerable amount of focus on 'Trust.' We are the master company when it comes to subtly promoting the product or a service or even a website for that matter. We provide quality information through blog posting.

Off-page SEO

Admonkz is considered a leading provider of SEO services when it comes to providing leading links. Talking about our trademark, we are pros in networking with the links and have the expertise to handle the link building across the entire digital landscape.

Our SEO Engagement models include the following SEO services:

SEO Engagement Models:

Admonkz has a huge portfolio when it comes to SEO engagement models. At Admonkz, we want to make this a one-stop destination for all the services under one roof. 

1. SEO Plans:

If you are looking for customized and professional services, then we have got the perfect solution for you. We have got SEO plans that will meet your requirements and, at the same time, will fall within your budget.

2. SEO Consulting:

You could be having an in-house team for executing your entire SEO and might require just a professional hand on SEO Services, then you surely have reached the right place. We can be your in-house SEO consultants by monitoring all your activities.

3. SEO Resources:

You might be a well-reputed company with thousands of projects going on simultaneously, but we can help you manage all of the projects through our professional SEO Services. Starting from keyword ranking, copywriting, On-Page SEO, or Off-Page SEO, we provide detailed SEO Resources.

4. SEO Advisory:

Generally, start-ups who are new to the business world require advisors in their initial starting days. We can be your in-house advisory panel and help you with your growth strategy at a rapid speed.

5. SEO Reseller Services:

If you have been on a white label SEO search, then Admonkz is constantly regarded as one of the top SEO companies in digital marketing industry. You can trust our experts and rely on us for high-end services.

Our Professional Process for SEO Services:

Although our website is fairly detailed in providing you in-depth knowledge of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. However, we understand that the website’s information could still not be enough for you to answer all your personalized queries. We have a fairly detailed process when it comes to providing service

 Here are the primary steps involved in our process for providing SEO Services:

1. Reaching Out to Our Team:

This is the first step, which involves our clients reaching out to our team for asking for services. The clients can reach out to us through multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Website, phone call, SMS, mail, or directly fill out a query form.

2. First-Round communication:

Our services, technicians have a verbal chat with the client to understand A-Z about the website or the business they operate in, and they ask the clients details about the past performance of the business, the current performance, mission, and vision, portfolio, kind of products or services provided, etc. This step is major as a briefing step for our experts, where they try and extract as much information from the client as possible to get a better grip of the entire case.

3. In House Research:

Although the client's information does act as a base of the entire project, our SEO services experts cannot just rely on that very information. Based on the client's information and details, our experts do their thorough research from the start to build further on the case. As SEO experts at our SEO company, the professionals know the areas where they have to do research and come up with problem areas that could help them play with the case.

4. Second-Round Communication:

Once the experts at our SEO agency finish up with their research, they create a huge brief that includes information and details of what the client communicated to the team and the research done by the SEO technician from our team. The same brief is shared with the client and is explained in-detail properly, either on a call or via a meeting. This step is extremely crucial as this acts as the base of the further service is are going to kick-start between the client and the SEO experts. At this stage, we make sure that there is open and honest communication throughout. The expectation and the goal-setting are done well in advance by keeping both parties in the loop. On agreement and acceptance, an official contract is signed.

5. The final Step:

Post the contract's signing, we provide the relevant SEO services to our clients. Our approach to providing services is very different. For us, our client's business is our business, and we take it very seriously. At Admonkz, we are a bunch of highly committed individuals passionate about SEO and providing high-end and premium quality services to our clients. The experts know their job in and out due to the massive and relevant experience, passion, right skill-set, and 360-degree knowledge. Providing services is not the job of a day, week, or month. It takes a while to get the website ranking and make it at the top, and throughout this journey, we give very consistent quality and keep our ears open for as many suggestions from our clients.

6. Regular Checks:

Our work does not end at step 5; rather, the real work starts to post step 5. A company is known for its after-sale services, and at Admonkz, we take extreme pride in boasting about our after-sale services. SEO services are not ordinary services like the usual ones; they are different because they require a regular check and monitoring. The search engines are highly volatile, and the market is super competitive; keeping these in mind makes it difficult to keep the website at the top rank throughout. Hence, every once in a while, a performance check is done using different tools, which helps identify the different loopholes and improvement areas.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful digital marketing tool that increases not just the quantity of the traffic but also the quality of the website’s traffic. The traffic is aimed to increase through the organic search engine results. The primary aim is to improve the visibility of the searches. The better the visibility of the page in the search results, the more attention will be garnered. This will eventually attract the targeted as well as existing consumers towards the business. There are search engine algorithms that help users to have an efficient experience. 


 In terms of profitability, SEO has a great rate of return. Moreover, the ROI of SEO can easily be trackable. The direct relation between the increased revenues and SEO efforts can get demonstrated transparently. The SEO ROI is directly measurable through the ‘Increased Traffic’ on the website. However, more traffic does not guarantee more revenue, as that is subjective. If the increased traffic is not generation actions, then the whole point of SEO does become waste. Hence, in terms of ROI, if SEO is done rightly, it can give a high rate of returns, but at the same time, it cannot guarantee revenue. 

The requirements of SEO are not fixed, and so is not SEO Services and they keep changing depending on the various factors. No doubt that a well-optimized SEO does get more traffic with time, which means it is a gateway to more leads and sales eventually. Without SEO, your website won’t be trackable, and your efforts will go under the drain. Many crucial factors affect the SEO rankings; some of the prominent factors are:


 A: Page Speed (Which includes the mobile speed as well)

 B: Accessible and a secure website

 C: Technical SEO

 D: Optimized content

 E: Domain age, URL, or authority

  • The honest answer to this question is – It depends. Now there surely cannot be a timeline in terms of SEO services giving out the results. Several factors contribute to the timeline. Factors such as how long the website has been around, how many services the website has been loaded with, how much content is on it, what type of content is on it, the profiles linked to it, etc. Roughly it takes about 4-6 months for the services to show their results, and every month has its timeline. Generally, the first few months are used to set the pace with high-quality content and infographics.

There are broadly three types of SEO you would require to know about to build an organic well-rounded SEO strategy, a part of the service provided by the SEO agency. The three types of SEO are:


A: On-Page SEO: It is related to the content which is present on the website. The service here includes the strategies to work on the individual pages and optimize them. 


B: Technical SEO: It is just the opposite of On-Page SEO as it revolves around optimizing the non-content elements of the website. The service here includes coming up with strategies to strengthen the site’s backend structure. 


 C: Off-Site SEO: It is related to strengthening and influencing your website’s relationship with the other websites. The service strategies here revolve around improving the overall reputation of the website.  


One of the very prominent parts of includes optimizing the keywords by using relevant keywords. Relevant keywords are a boon, and it helps the website in many ways. It helps the website to speak the similar language, that of the target market. Through the keywords, it becomes easy to communicate with Google about a web page matching the query. With the help of keywords, the website’s search engine ranking improves as it helps to push in making people understand more about the website. Finally, the usage of the relevant keywords helps to increase website conversions. 

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) are web pages displayed in front of the users when they browse the internet to search for something using different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. The user mostly enters what it wants to search using the search query by using some very specific terms, which are known as keywords in the world of SEO. Upon such searches, the search engines present the searcher with SERP. An important point to note here is that each SERP is considered unique when it comes to the different search queries performed on the same search engine by using the same keywords in the SEO service.

 Inbound and outbound links are essential SEO components, and both are a little complex in nature. 


 Outbound Links: These are the links on the website that points to the other web pages on the website which are on a different domain. The outbound links play a huge role in demonstrating the website’s niche, and the webmaster will have 100% control over these links. 

Inbound Links: These are also known as backlinks, which are present in other domains linked to your website. Inbound links have a huge role in determining the website’s ranking on the different search engine pages. 

Both title tags and meta descriptions can improve the website clicks and entice the target audience to click on your website’s link over the competitor’s website. 


Title Tags: The title tag is the tiny element of the web pages, which summarizes the content found on the entire page. Title tags appear broadly in three places – search engine result pages, browsers, external websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 


Meta Description: In comparison to the title tags, meta descriptions are more descriptive. It gives the added space to explain to the users what you are looking to offer. A meta description is a great opportunity to entice the users about what you have in store for them. 

There is a common notion in the market that SEO is simple as it is only about ranking the website. Partially it might be true, but there is a lot more to SEO. Although the word ‘Search Engine Optimization’ SEO is very common in the world of the internet today, not many of us know exactly the SEO services’ role on our website. One needs to have the relevant skill-set, theoretical, and practical knowledge to carry out its website’s services. Since SEO is not a cakewalk, it is always a better idea to reach out to a professional company to help you with the thorough optimized services.  

When it comes to making a presence online, amongst the many options available in different tools, SEO is the best and sought technique, which is also rather the fastest technique used by the SEO agency or the marketers to increase the visibility of their business. However, the number of services that can help a website depends on a plethora of factors, which need to be considered. For a few websites, SEO service helps them reach the top ranking within a month or two, but it takes a few extra months for other websites. 

When you are in the business with cut-throat competition, it becomes sensible to invest in tools and techniques that will give out results and help the business grow. When it comes to investing in such servicesit could be the best decision for your website. But there is a condition here, only and only if you contact a professional company to provide you with the professional service will your investment give you a higher rate of returns. There are very few chances for you to fail your SEO because 95% of the time, SEO turns out to be a good decision. 

We will divide this answer into two parts:


Short answer: The time It takes for the site to achieve tops rankings in SERPs is approximately between 6-8 months or maximum up to a year.


Long answer: It depends on hundreds of factors. A decade back, achieving top rankings in SERPs was a cakewalk due to less knowledge and no competition. But currently, the competition has become intense, and known search engines such as Google ends up updating its search engine every minute. With every improvement, the algorithm tends to become sophisticated, which implies that now it is challenging to tank the website. Hence, businesses today need to take extra measures and go out of the way to make their websites stand out. 


Amongst the different search engines available, Google has one of the most complicated algorithms, and annually it makes thousands of changes to this algorithm. Hence, it becomes essential for businesses to stay updated with all the changes taking place to optimize their websites. 


 Google Panda: It helps assess the overall quality of the post, which are posted on the website. The primary aim of Google panda is to check the relevancy of the post; hence, Google encourages more of natural post than the one which are just ‘Keyword Driven.’ 


 Google Penguin: The professional SEO company or SEO agency providing services related to SEO focuses tremendously on Google Penguin as it helps in looking at the website’s performance in terms of the promotion. It checks whether the website has been promoted through artificial measures such as spam, BOTS, or linked to disreputable sites. In the case of such malpractices, Google automatically drops the ranking. 


The Digital marketing world is very volatile, and in this world, changes take place not every minute but every second. In such a highly frequently changeable world, it is impossible to predict much. One thing in our hands, which is providing SEO Services, is to use honest and effective ways to help the website do better, and we, as a professional agencycan surely guarantee this. Apart from that, we cannot guarantee the results, but we can surely help track the performance and take corrective measures to improve performance

 As the name suggests, blacklisting is when the different search engines do not recognize or refuse to not just rank, but not consider to list the web pages. Search engine blacklisting primarily happens due to poor SEO services performed by the firm. One category of the website that very prominently gets blacklisted is the one with a META keyword tag full of some of the irrelevant keywords that do not even appear in the article get blacklisted often. However, when performing the servicesour perform can fill in several traps, such as keyword spamming, keyword crowding, keyword repetition, keyword drowning, etc. 

When we deliver SEO services, link popularity comes into place several times. In simple terms, link popularity refers to the count of backlinks or incoming links that navigate the given website. Every backlink gets counted separately. For instance, in a car blog, about ten entities have added links to their car dealer websites. In this case, the total of backlinks would be 10. For many search engines, link popularity is an important figure. However, with time, many search engines are switching to domain popularity, which provides quantity and provides information about those links.

The primary difference between the white hat SEO and black SEO is the different techniques used to improve the ranking of the website on the different search engines. 


 Let us in detail understand the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO:


 Black Hat SEO: It refers to the technique primarily used to get higher rankings on the various search engine platforms. The Black hat SEO services primarily focus on the search engines, and rarely do they focus on the audience. The Black hat SEO technique is primarily used by those who desperately search for quicker results on the website and are a little less inclined towards long-term investments on their websites. Primary techniques used in the Black hat SEO Services include:

  1. Keyword stuffing
  2. Link farming
  3. Hidden texts and links
  4. Blog content spamming

White Hat SEO: It refers to the technique that primarily targets the human audience and is the opposite of the Black hat SEO technique. Those opting for White hat SEO techniques are primarily inclined towards long-term investments on their websites. Primary techniques used in the White hat SEO include:

  1. Keyword analysis 
  2. Relevant Research
  3. Rewriting meta tags 
  4. Backlinking, 

Content Building

URL’s that are well-optimized are important for both enhancing the user experience and optimizing the search engines. Here are some of the best ways of how you can create an SEO-friendly URL:


A: Usage of Hyphens to Separate Words: It is very important to use the hyphens to separate the words for both search optimization and user readability. Google generally recommends using hyphens (-) instead of (_) in the URLs. The reason behind it is simple, as hyphens are treated as space, which is in between two words.

B: Include keywords in URLs: This is considered one of the best practices for optimizing every web page present in the website, and it should revolve around one single keyword. This is the keyword that also is present in the URL. Also, make sure you put the most important keywords at the beginning of the URL, as the search engine spiders end up giving more significance towards the start of the URL.

C: Describe the Content: The content should be fairly brief and crisp, i.e., the content should be such that the viewer can guess the web page by just glancing at the URL. To accomplish this step, the URL must include a phrase or a term that is accurately related to the page’s content. Our SEO services include curating high-quality content.

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